Sure Babe, Let’s Watch Baseball!


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I mean, baseball’s great. My fiancée Adam and I watch games on our TV almost every night—he gets more riled up than I do, but I definitely enjoy watching!

Now I don’t understand the rules or the structure, but there are still plenty of moments in each game that I find relatable. For one, I always look forward to when the announcers inevitably discuss the weather. Really, I think the weather is something we can all understand. 68 and sunny? Nice!

I also greatly enjoy when they show all the sports people chewing sunflower seeds and spitting them out in one fluid motion, super fast-like. It’s so skillful. Half the footage is guys churning out seeds. You’d think we were watching the World Sunflower Seed Speed Eating channel! The other day I saw that Lay Brown James chewing super fast in the dugout before going up to bat. Talk about exciting!

Baseball is just the best!

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