Dad Can’t Get Over The Phrase “Trick or Treat”


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Trick or treat, you ask? What a loaded question.

First of all, why are THESE the two options I’m choosing between? What do they mean? What kind of trick, and what kind of treat?

My answer, of course, would depend almost entirely on those subtleties—see, if you mean an edible treat like chips or maybe even an edible arrangement, I’d probably say “give me the treat.” But if it were a trick, like a magic trick performed by THE David Blaine, I’d opt for David Blaine! I just LOVE David Blaine. Don’t you?

Now, my initial thought regarding your question is that the question itself seems so poorly designed. I’d understand it better if it were something like “Trick or straight-up honesty?” Then, I’d be able to answer in an instant.

…But, I suppose… trick?

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