It’s Ya Boy J Drizzle Out Here Spittin’ Fire

child rapper

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Yo whaddup huh. It’s ya boy J Drizzle with the fizzle out here spittin’ some fire for y’all.

Erryone be askin me where I draw my inspiration, well I grew up in the hood, yup yup. Small town from Westchester, New York, word—kinda isolated because a buncha rich celebs tryna escape for the weekend in the countryside so sometimes my WiFi connection sucked like it was there then it wasn’t there no more, motherfudger. What-what?!

Yuh. Got two parents with stable income and a dog named Sparkles finna lick prime rib off dem casual china like aight you know, just another day in my ruff-ruff life. My fam got dollas but ya Drizzle still get nizzled, gettin dem ugly home-knitted sweaters for Christmas doe. Like Gramma yo, what?!

Yuh. Life be hard doe, last night I wanted chicken tenders but our maid serve chicken cacciatore wit dat truffle oil. Like gosh darn this world hella harsh at me doe. What-what?!

J Drizzle out.

-Jacob Dinklewitz

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