Gramps Thinks White People Do NOT Have It Easy


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My granddaughter is 16 years old and a raging liberal—tells me again and again that we white people have it easy.

Now I don’t know when our baby girl got so butt stinkin’ dumb, but white people do NOT have it easy! I am a white and just yesterday I experienced a hardship. This is what happened: I went to Denny’s and ordered the $4 All You Can Eat Pancakes, except with blueberries on one of the pancakes ma’am. Then I got the receipt, and them suckers made me pay $1 for a sprinkle of blueberries! 1 WHOLE dollar! That’s almost worth an entire flapjack. You tell me if that ain’t suffering! To think that white people don’t suffer when we’re getting gypped at AMERICA’S favorite diner. RIDICULOUS!


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