Pablo and Pablo Have Always Been Close


We’ve always been close.

Mom and Pop used to dress us the same, enroll us in the same classes and extracurriculars, and call us the same name. That’s right, we’re both Pablo. Pablo and Pablo Tagliatelle.

We’re twin brothers, but we live as one. I love you Pablo. (Oh Pablo, I love you back!) Sometimes we even use each other as mirrors. If I just look at Pablo while I’m fixing my hair, I’ll know exactly what I look like. And my, oh my, do I always look good.

For Christmas when we were 10, Mom and Pop got us this oversized fuzzy sweater that we could wear together. It might have been a gag gift, but we fell in love with it at first sight. I mean, Pablo, we were always fascinated by the idea of being Siamese twins, right? (Yes Pablo. We’ve wanted to be physically attached at the hip for a long time.)

So, we grew up in this sweater. Together. And now we’re 26, with beautiful hair, impeccable jawlines, and so much love for each other. Lives of our own, but each experienced with the other. The good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. They say friendships are enhanced by proximity. Well, we’re closer now than ever before.

So, like, which one of y’all here on Tinder is looking for a hot threesome of a lifetime?

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