Someone Tell Bridget She’s Very, Very Colorblind


(image link)

Fall is my favorite time of the year because it’s so stunning. I mean, just look at these vivid green autumn trees! Like me, everyone’s also freaking out about how gorgeous fall colors are, taking tons of pictures for the ‘gram.

Watch out, though, the season moves crazy fast. My girlfriends and I were just talking about this: in early October, the leaves turn all gorgeous and vibrant… and then BOOM, about a month later, cold bare branches.

So, we’re all trying to enjoy the bright colors while we can! Personally, my favorite way to celebrate fall is through baked goods like pumpkin pie. The best thing about fall desserts is that they always match the varying shades of emerald you see outside. Pumpkin pie filling is fun because it’s a dark green goop. How festive!

I absolutely love when nature changes hues like this from month to month. My girlfriends keep commenting about how warm, cozy, and invigorating these autumn colors are, and they keep going on and on about how much they LOVE warm tones… but I’m not sure I see that. I’d say that these fall colors are more cool, grounding, and calming. Gals, what kind of green are YOU seeing?! On what planet is green a warm-toned color?!

That said, I do agree with them that warm tones are also amazing… already, I’m looking forward to spring and summer, when everything’s going to be cozy shades of red and orange!

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