Mommy’s Missing Out on My Butternut Squash Soup


(image link)

My name is Duncan and I’m a chef. I’ve been cooking since I was 2 years old. It started when Daddy let me play with the oven while he watched baseball on TV and I touched it while it was hot. Ow! I said. My thumb got all crispy. But then I tasted it and thought, yum. And so I fell in love with cooking.

Being a kid chef is hard. I can’t read good so sometimes I make mistakes. They don’t teach you how to read big words in school. For example I opened an Amazon package I thought was my new immersion blender but then I made butternut squash soup with my mommy’s vibrating dildo.

I know it was called a vibrating dildo because Mommy called her friend about it later and also never ate my butternut squash soup. I don’t know what a vibrating dildo is, but honestly it makes a good blender. Mommy’s missing out.


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