Jonah’s Dropping the Biggest Hit of 2018


(image link)

Yo man I got the next sickest beat you never heard. I swear it’s gonna be the next biggest song, make it to the top of the charts, you just wait and see.

Here’s the premise: I see this pretty girl and I’m like, not tryin’ to be rude or some shit, but I’m really feelin’ her. So I’m tellin’ her I like the things she do, all smooth like my Lexus coupe. Obviously I want to get her to a hotel so I can get a… well, uh, YOU know. So that I can give her, well… aw well let’s just continue with the car analogy and we’ll leave it at “toot-toot” and “beep-beep!” Ha! That’s what I’m talking about man.

Yo, this song is so fuckin hot and fresh out the kitchen I’m gonna just start talking about the song itself in the middle of the song. Like, this song so fresh, it’s like the remix to an original version or somethin’. It’s so fresh, it’s a song on top of another similar song I haven’t even written yet. Yuh, that definitely deserves a mention.

But mostly, the song’s about this lil mama rollin’ her body and giving me the biggest boner on this side of the mighty Mississippi. Ideally, I’d simultaneously be enjoying a coke and rum (rum!) and I’m like, “So what? I’m drunk!” Drunk, because this is obviously all taking place during the weekend, which is why I’m having me some fun.

At this point, I’m having fun, all I can think of is her cute lil booty bouncing on me. Bounce bounce bounce bounce, bounce bounce bounce, bounce bounce bounce. C’mon, yo. You feelin’ this?

This song finna be sick!

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