My Name Is “[Pause] [Pause] Madeleine”


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My name is “[pause] [pause] Madeleine.” You know, like the name “Madeleine”, but with those two pauses before it.

According to Pa, my ma’s OBGYN had pretty messy handwriting and wrote my name a bit too off to the side on my birth certificate. I have pics of this full gap, maybe 1-2 seconds worth, before the name “Madeleine” is scribbled on the line.

Ma was knocked out from giving birth, and Pa assumed she’d meant for my name to include the two pauses at the beginning. So he just went with it. And that’s how I got the uniqueness in my name.

Being [pause] [pause] Madeleine ended up working out! I mean, it kinda worked out. No one really gets my name right, so I guess it doesn’t really work out. It’s especially hard when people are mad at me or need me to be somewhere, and they have to wait those extra few seconds before saying “Madeleine”. Because like, I’m not going to respond to just “Madeleine,” you know?

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