Hi, I’m Bill, And I’m A Pepperidge Farmer


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Hi, I’m Bill, I’m 49 years old, and I’m a Pepperidge farmer.

Consumers these days often don’t think about the workers behind their food. It takes hours of back-breaking labor to put those Milanos in your pantry. We pick each ripe cookie by hand, harvest each plump slice of seasonal bread, and fish for each individual Goldfish that ends up in little sticky fists across the US.

A lot of folks get confused about the brand name “Pepperidge Farm,” failing to understand how baked goods could possibly relate to farms. Well, I’m here to assure you they most definitely do.

Years and years ago during the Great Depression, our founders Kirk and Marcia M. Pepperidge decided they were done with the depression. Like, completely over it. So they thought, what better way to cure Depression with a capital D than with cookies? Who doesn’t like cookies? And so Marcia M. Pepperidge, who was an amazing baker, baked the first Sausalito and Milano cookies and planted them like seeds into the dirt patch outside their home. She then invited over a bunch of people affected by the Depression, including my own mam and pap, to tend to her yard. When these people dug up the soil, they were amazed to find rows upon rows of the softest, most mouthwatering cookies. Boom. Depression done and dusted.

Today, Pepperidge Farm continues this uplifting practice. The children and grandchildren of K and M Pepperidge plant cookies, breads, and crackers all over their land each nightfall and we, the farmers of Pepperidge Farm, harvest them every morning. Man, it’s like Christmas morning every day!

Work sure don’t feel like work when you’re working for Pepperidge Farm!

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