My Secret to Lamb Sirloin Is Letting The Meat Rest


(image link)

Judges, it’s been an honor to compete in this Food Network challenge. The secret ingredient for this round was lamb sirloin. My opponent just presented you with a demi glace roasted lamb sirloin served with herbed fingerling potatoes and stewed juniper berries.

I, on the other hand, present to you lamb sirloin.

Yep—just the sirloin, the meat in its purest form! I didn’t do anything that would alter its true flavor. I wanted to preserve the integrity of the secret ingredient.

You gave us quite the challenge: 30 minutes to prepare something incredible. That’s why I spent all 30 minutes letting the meat rest—and I mean REST. To make sure this sirloin was as well-rested as possible by plating time, I massaged it gently for all 30 minutes using a combination of shiatsu and reiki techniques. There weren’t many knots to begin with, but whatever tension there might have been is *definitely* gone now. Full spa treatment.

Now I’ll be honest, my dish turned out a little more undercooked than people usually prefer… but man, if this isn’t lamb sirloin, I don’t know what is!

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